Welcome! An update in 2017

This set of web-pages presents an overview of our research on the ‘micro-ecology of contact and segregation’. Browse, using the table of contents on the left hand side of this page, and you will find

  • An overview of what we mean by ‘micro-ecology of contact’, and how we use it in our research
  • Descriptions of some completed, and current projects
  • Copies of our papers (password protected, please email us if you want access)
  • A bibliography of selected articles that are relevant to ‘the micro-ecology of contact and segregation’
  • Some software we developed in the course of our research
  • A list of links to relevant online resources

Much of the work represented on this website has focused on social change in post-apartheid South Africa. However, we believe that the micro-ecological dimensions of contact and segregation have a broader relevance, and we hope you find the site useful for your own research.